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With the vision and foresight of our President Parama Poojya Dr. Sharanabaswappa Appa, Mahadasoha Peetadhipati, Sharnbasaveshwar Samsthan, Gulbarga, who has 40 years of experience in the field of Education, our management is determined to serve to the cause of the growing fields of and proficient engineering graduates in this backward region of Karnataka state, by establishing a new engineering college namely "Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology" at Gulbarga. It has resolution to move ahead of the revolution that is taking place in the areas like Computer Science Engineering,Electronics and Communication, Information Science, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Poojya Dr.Appaji proclaims to provide value based hi tech education. Today western countries like USA, Germeny, France and Asian countries like Japan, South Korea have become economically and industrially advanced by use of high technology. This high technology included super computer, Sallelites, Aeroplane, Weather Forecasting and Navigation etc. it is great pleasure to say that Karnataka is called Silicon State one among the world leaders because of advancement in Software Technology. Poojya Dr. Appaji is of the opinion that individuals, institutions and industrial development very much depends upon the adoption of high technology.

Rapid technological advancement and the digital and internet revolution under the present globalization scenario, promoted Poojya Dr. Appaji to open an Engineering and Technological institution to produce highly competent capable engineers to face the global challenges.

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